1. Monday, April 15, 2019

        Texas Congressman Brian Babin: The power of gerrymandering

        Texas Congressional District 36 was created to keep a Republican in power. And it worked. Prior to redistricting in 2008 CD 22 elected Tom DeLay for many years then Congressman Nick Lampson, and then elected Pete Olson. A few years later Olson moved to Sugar Land leaving a newly created district, 22, for another republican to have, that being Steve Stockman. Brian Babin followed Steve.

        The district is Babin's too keep until he retires, dies, or ends up in jail. It doesn't matter what kind of lies Babin will tell his constituents, or how racist he may seem he will remain in office. His district is a 70/30 split giving a well financed Democrat about a 30% or less of the vote, every time. 2018 was no different. 

        This split allows for people like Tom DeLay to remain in power. DeLay was later convicted of money laundering. It later allowed for Steve Stockman to win the seat. Stockman was convicted on 23 felonies, including fraud and money laundering and is spending the next 10 years in prison. As with Stockman, Babin could be caught with a goat and will still be voted in. He could care less what his district thinks. He can spew as many lies as Trump does. He can carry water for Trump, and has. He can be as much of an asshole as he wants, just like Stockman and Trump. I can only imagine how much Stockman has missed the opportunity to be an asshole alongside of Trump.

        This is who the district was created for. That is the power of gerrymandering.

        Friday, April 12, 2019

        Gun nut bill TX HB357 shot down by gun nuts

        No Place but Texas:

        Texas House Bill 357 (get it? 357?) has been pulled by the author, lead gun nut, State Rep. Jonathan Stickland. This bill, called "Constitutional Carry" was strongly supported by the Texas Republic Party because we do not have enough guns in Texas. Stickland pulled the bill after a gun nut activist attempted to confront the Speaker of the House at his home. From the Houston Chronicle:
        The announcement came amid news reports that Chris McNutt, a gun rights advocate outraged by the lack of movement on Stickland's bill, had traveled to House Speaker Dennis Bonnen's home and was intercepted there by officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety.
        Yep. That actually happened, but it gets worse. Speaker Bonnen was setup by a Republic Party power broker Darlene Pendery who purchased 3 tables at a fundraiser with Abbott, Patrick, and Bonnen. One of the tables was right next to Bonnen's and Pendery had invited McGunNutt to sit with him. It didn't end well with a physical altercation being reported. From the Texas Tribune:
        An unidentified man seated next to McNutt handed the speaker a Kool-Aid packet. Bonnen said he tossed the packet on the table, prompting the man to stand up and threaten a "physical altercation." The man, Bonnen said, "kinda got in my face and said, You should just leave.'"
        Well as the old saying goes...when you lie with tea baggers you might wake up with a bad taste in your mouth. 

        FYI. Darlene Pendery has donated over $800,000 to various candidates (many lost) including $65,000 to Stickland. The death of the bill allows Stickland to spend more time with his toothbrush and donuts.

        Thursday, April 04, 2019

        How to respond to a Trump supporter about our candidates

        With the elections coming up in a year and a half and our candidates vying for position Trump supporters (MAGAts) might jump in with unsolicited comments and critiques. Here is a guideline for responding to these comments:

        If they say: She doesn't have enough experience.
        You say: Bitch. You voted for the most politically ignorant candidate in the history of the United States. Shut up.

        If they say: He has a problem with touchy feely.
        You say: Bitch. Shut the hell up. You voted for someone who has 23 TWENTY THREE women who have sexual assault allegations against him. You voted for the guy who actually said "Grab em by the pussy" so shut the living fuck up.

        If they say: I can't trust him.
        You say: Bitch. You voted for someone who porked a porn star and a playboy bunny, paid them off in order to win an election, covered it up, then lied to you about it. And you trust him? Really?

        If they say: I'm a fiscal conservative. I can't support a Democrat.
        You say: Bitch. Trump has added $2 Trillion to our debt and created a $1 Trillion deficit from his ill conceived tax cuts for the richest Americans. He makes fun of disabled people. He mocks others. He is a racist. He is a liar. If you voted for him, you are not a conservative. You are a republican.

        If they say: He doesn't have enough foreign experience.
        You say: Bitch. You voted for someone who had ZERO foreign experience except for running a Miss Russia contest. Not a single shred of applicable experience. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Заткнись 

        If they say: I'm undecided.
        You say: Bitch. You are a fuckin idiot.

        Ed Emmett: She should have said "hunker down"

        Former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett hasn't recovered from the loss in 2018 to County Judge Lina Hildago providing a sour grapes interview to Joe Eisenbaum of Click2Houston

        Eisenbaum: "What's your best advice moving forward?"
        Emmett: "The most important thing now is to say, 'Hunker Down'. Saying 'Hunker Down' makes you look like everything is under control, you have whatever is coming under control, like when I said 'hunker down' when hit by Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Harvey although hunkering down didn't work out for many.
        Actually, that isn't what he said but for many just mouthing a stupid saying like 'Hunker down' is enough for them to declare someone is fit for office. It's as if that is actually a strategy. If only it was that easy. For Ed it was. Instead of reaching out to Judge Lina Hidalgo, to provide his wisdom from his years of service, he  hunker down with the media. 
        Eisenbaum: "What's your best advice moving forward?"
        Emmett: "The most important thing now is to say, 'OK, what can we do better?' That's always a learning experience, and the professionals in the county will do that."
        That is what he really said. Here is my advise. Shut up.

        Thursday, March 28, 2019

        Why do you have to be a dick about everything: Mark Tice

        Mark Tice. From the Baytown Sun

        UPDATE: Commissioner Tice responded with a form letter concerning him say "English this is not Mexico". Here it is:

        Sadly, this story has been turned into something it’s not. In know way were my comments centered around race. The intention behind my statement had to do with the fact that questions were being asked in Spanish and answered in Spanish, with no interpretation being given in English... or into any other language that many other Houstonians speak. This is about getting information out to people in an emergency situation in the most effective way possible. That is all. In my opinion, the structure of the press conference could have been better put together. I sincerely apologize if the way I said things landed in a way that was offensive or derogatory... that was absolutely not my motive. Some of my best friends in life are Hispanic. This narrative that’s being painted of me couldn’t be further from the truth.

        I just don't get it. It is 2019 not 1819.

        Why do we have to continue to call out elected officials from the Republican Party to stop saying things that are racist? It begs the question "Why do you have to be a dick about everything?". Todays official Chambers Commissioner Mark Tice joins Trump, Gohmert, the Harris County Republican Party, Sid Miller, and Stan Stanart for being a dick. About everything.

        From the NBC News:
        The commissioner, Mark Tice, of Chambers County, posted a comment saying “English this is not Mexico,” after Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo — the first Latina and first woman elected as the county's top executive — addressed constituents and reporters from English and Spanish language media outlets on a briefing Monday that was streamed on CBS affiliate KHOU’s Facebook page.In the same comment, Tice said Hidalgo was “a joke.”
        Tice has since closed his Facebook page after having a couple of conversations with individuals who did not appreciate his comment. Before shooting his mouth off he might have actually listened to the press conference. Judge Hidalgo was answer questions in Spanish as a response to questions asked in Spanish.
        Unlike Tice, Judge Lina Hidalgo is intelligent enough to speak multiple languages. 

        Monday, March 25, 2019

        The Larry, Curly, and Moe of Harris County Department of Education

        Oh. My. Gosh. Sexual harassment has hit the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) with Larry, Curly, and Moe of the Republican Party leading the way. After reading the investigation report concerning the issue both Trustees Eric Dick and Mike Wolfe should be removed from the HCDE immediately.

        Who is Larry, Curly, and Moe?

        Mike Wolfe is a board member of HCDE. He was accused of sexual harassment and retaliation. The board voted to start an investigation concerning the allegations and has since completed and provided this report to the Board.

        Eric Dick is also a board member. He ratted out Wolfe. The title of the investigation is "Investigation of Allegations Made by Trustee Eric Dick Against Trustee Mike Wolfe Harris County Department of Education". In a recent email he has called Wolfe a  pervert and has called for his resignation. After reading the entire report I could not find any language that suggested he is a pervert.

        The investigation clearly shows that Mike Wolfe is a pervert. He should resign immediately. If he refuses, I beg the County Attorney to file a law suit to remove him. It is unacceptable to serve as an elected official when you sexually harassed someone." - Eric Dick
        Jared Woodfill was the Chair of the Harris County Republican Party. He is representing Mike Wolfe. Woodfill's offices were raided due to allegations of money laundering and theft. According to the Houston Chronicle:
        Former Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill is being investigated on theft and money laundering allegations, accused of misappropriating funds of at least two of his law firm’s clients, according to an affidavit by the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

        And what did they do?

        According to the investigation report Eric Dick introduced Jane Doe to Wolfe who later applied for a job at HCDE. Eric later made allegations that Wolfe sexually harassed Jone Doe then retaliated against her when she refused to go out on a date with him. The investigation stated "while Mr. Dick is pleasant and chatty, he is prone to irony and drama." (LOL) which is an understatement. Dick was also implicated in this report with recommendations to never be on a hiring committee or a committee with Wolfe in the future. Dick was also one of three members who selected possible employees that had much less experience than others who were qualified. From the report:
        All the Board members confirm this: Messrs. Dick and Wolfe “got two” of their friends or “hand-picked” committee favorites and they all made the final seven, despite not having being the top seven in the objective criteria. One of Mr. Dick’s “picks” was Jane Doe. One of Mr. Wolfe’s picks was Melissa Smith, the eventual hire. Both Ms. Doe and Ms. Smith would not have even made the group of 17 if judged initially on their scores.
        This in itself should disqualify Messrs [sp?] Wolfe, and Dick from serving on the HCDE Board. As the report summarized:
        The process of hiring the Executive Assistant was tainted by Messrs. Dick and Wolfe. Transparency was sacrificed in the cause of political cronyism. The testing/ranking process was turned into a sham. The way Messrs. Dick and Wolfe, in particular, pushed their less-qualified friends and allies into running for the job of Board Secretary opened HCDE up to charges of favoritism and bias, caused employees to lose faith, and rendered the process arbitrary.
        Dick and Wolfe had a falling out after a number of votes did not go Dick's way. They have since been at odds. The investigator goes as far as to recommend Dick and Wolfe never serve on a committee together adding to the disfunction of the entire Board. The report has disturbing allegations against Wolfe concerning Jane Doe, enough that he should be removed from office.

        And Jared Woodfill? He is defending Wolfe and in-between the petty feud between Dick and Wolfe and threatening a lawsuit if the Board votes to censure Wolfe.
        Mr. Wolfe made a baseless claim that Ms. Doe sleeps around to pay her rent, during this investigation. When challenged to give a basis for this disparagement, he was unable to do so. He also makes non-credible claims of Ms. Doe “stalking” him.


        Saturday, March 23, 2019

        Tea party having a suppress the vote mtg in Clear Lake

        The Kingwood and Galveston County tea party is hosting an event to discuss ways to further suppress the vote in Texas probably due to the results of the November election. What is disturbing is that our own State Representatives are sponsoring this including Senator Larry Taylor and State Reps David Money Mayes Middleton and Dennis Paul. They must be scared of what is coming in 2020.

        A full report will follow.

        Sunday, March 10, 2019

        Who shouldn't be running for Texas Senator

        From Youtube
        Texas Senator John Cornyn is venerable. He is a life long politician. He has betrayed his conservative values by bowing to Trump and his unconstitutional policies, racism, and lawlessness. He is old. As a former Judge on the Texas Supreme Court he watches and makes excuses for Trump as he breaks the law, stretches the truth, and down right lies, every, single, day. Cornyn is venerable but there are a couple of candidates that should not be running.

        Candidate who should considered running are Kim Olson, Joaquín Castro, and MJ Hegar, )although she should run for Congress again. She has the momentum and could win.)

        As I have said in the past, this is not a f***in game. When you put your name on the ballot you are running for a job that affects people's lives. If you are not a serious candidate all you are doing to hurting those that are. Let's start with my favorite:

        Sema Hernandez. Sema was caught up in the Bernie Sanders school of "Run everywhere" even if you do not have any experience for the job you are applying for. As a candidate for office Sema has absolutely no qualifications for the position. None. Zero. Zip. She also has no idea of what she is getting into. When she ran against Beto she raised $6000. Not $60 Million. $6000. It's as if she was running for school board. She is supported by the Socialist Party, a no starter right there. Unfortunately she has already stated her intentions of wasting our time. Again.

        Michael Cooper. Michael ran in the Democratic Primary for Lt Governor. Like Sema he has no idea about raising money for a position that requires millions. He raised only a few thousand dollars. He is a Pastor of a church,  president of the South East Texas Toyota Dealers and in executive management with Kinsel Motors. Like it or not, campaigns requires money. Lots of money. Millions. If you cannot acknowledge this and refuse to put the time and effort into raising money then you are wasting our time and serious candidates money.

        Wendy Davis. Senator Davis was a great Texas Senator but failed in her run for Governor losing by 59-38. She had a great following and brought excitement to the race but eventually failed. Her strength is not in running for office.

        Joseph Kopser, retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and nominee for Texas's 21st congressional district in 2018. He ran a close race to Chip Roy. He should run for this position again. He could win. We need him to stay in his lane. Bro.

        Wednesday, March 06, 2019

        Congratulations to State Representative Elect Christina Morales

        Photo from ABC13

        With over 3000 votes cast Christina Morales won House District 145 State Representative seat. Congratulations for a great win and I am sure HD145 will be represented well! Representative elect Morales will keep HD145, just north of the Clear Lake area, in Democratic control.

        My candidate, Melissa Noriega and her volunteers, did not prevail and I thank them for all the hard work they performed during the campaign.